Everything You Missed at EventTech 2014, Part Two

Thinkwell Creative Director Kate McConnell, who was speaker at EventTech 2014, is quoted in this recap of the annual conference.

Our Final Recap of the Best Quotes, Tips and Ideas
The EventTech Late Night Party at the Museum of Neon may have gone into the wee hours Tuesday night, but that didn’t stop attendees from showing up fired up for the last day of the show. (We dare you to try to out party an event marketer—you people lose sleep for a living!)

The Bellagio treated attendees to hearty helpings of bacon and eggs for breakfast (we think we spotted some folks in the casino having a little hair of the dog on their way in, too), and then sat in on their choice of eight concurrent morning sessions. A quick coffee break followed and then it was right back into it, with a full schedule of topics that ranged from the more practical applications of event technology, like data collection, measurement and cost saving technologies, to a peek into some of the industry’s best bets for up and coming (or evolving) tools and ideas including hologram technology, projection mapping, personalized videos and content planning.

The day wrapped up with sessions on mastering everything social (Facebook, hashtags, bloggers and celebrities, oh my!) and even as the last hours were upon us, we still saw folks stopping by to get their hands on the various technologies on Campus.

We can’t all be holograms with the power to be in two places at once (for now), so we offer you one last recap of the best ideas, perspectives and memorable quotes from EventTech 2014. This is just a smattering of all the ideas shared at the show, so be sure to mark your calendars for EventTech 2015, Nov. 2-4 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and we’ll see you at the show!

“We fostered and built some very deliberate channels around our audience who come to the event to take advantage of channels where they can connect and collaborate with each other all year ‘round. …Fostering that community 365 days a year actually stimulated demand generation for our event.” –Melissa Porter, Digital Community & Experience Lead, Microsoft

“Regardless of what the ask is, you ask up front. You don’t want to get into a partnership with an artist or an athlete and then go back and ask for things. We ask for everything up front. And more and more we’re asking for things around social media, around technology.” –Jennifer Breithaupt, SVP Global Entertainment, Citi

“An event registration tool is one piece of a huge picture and a huge analysis that the marketing team needs. It’s something to think about as you successfully onboard a registration platform, it will probably lead—especially when you get to metrics—to more and more data that your partners in the company want.” –Stacey Lambatos, Director-Corporate Events, AOL

“We’re not just looking for one hashtag. It’s not that easy. We wanted to insert ourselves in that conversation that’s already out there without creating a new hashtag.” –Jason Baker, Senior Communications Specialist, FedEx Corporate Communications

“I always relate it to flirting: You can’t just approach somebody and ask the for their information. You need to go step by step, get to know each other and, along the way, you’re going to get more and more information about this person. That’s what the strategy should be about.” –Jorge Trevino, President, One Stop Interactive

“There’s so much information to absorb in our event, so the last thing I want to is provide a complicated game or something that’s going to be difficult to understand. You just have to make it so simple to be successful.” –Kathleen Mudge, Social Media Manager, Cisco Live

“It’s not about followers, it’s about link clicks on your registration pages, influencers and word-of-mouth, social media ad impressions, and teaser content pre-engagement.” –Melonie Gallegos, Chief Social Strategist, Fandom Marketing

“Validate data immediately. People will lie, but try to make it so they can’t lie that much.” –Jorge Trevino, President, One Stop Interactive

“Seven in 10 people own smartphones, and those who own them use them up to 150 times per day, so the power and the extent of localizing content is incredible.” –Joe Panepinto, Senior VP, Jack Morton Worldwide

“I like to keep multiple choice and free responses in event registration because the multiple choice bounds you, but the free responses may tell you things you might never thought of.” –George Tan, Managing Partner, Brandscopic

“Today, every company is becoming a media company, whether you’re Intel or ‘Sesame Street’ or an association.” –Devin Drake, CEO, Virtuvent

“Give value. A lot of times video is asking for something, but it’s important to give something in our videos. It’s about them, not you.” –Jaycen Thorgeirson, Chief Stand Out Expert, UviaUs

“You want to create an experience where people will remember forever and talk about it again and again.” –Jared Augustine, CEO, Thuzio

“Story has structure. Transmedia has architecture. Story is driven by conflict, Transmedia is fueled by discovery.” –Kate McConnell, Creative Director, Thinkwell Group

“Think about how to use hologram technology to achieve your brand goals, not just for the sake of the tech itself.” –David Rose, CEO, PRSONAS

“Consider yourselves to be drug dealers. If you can get people high on the dopamine rush of experience, you can be successful.” –John Murcott, CEO, Crowdster

“There are ways to add digital to any program. But it can’t be added on at the end as an afterthought.” –Josh Pelz, Digital Director, Engine Shop

“CMOs are evolving into CTOs as they invest in data platforms.” –Craig Steensma, CEO, eShots

“Data that today is analyzed by hand in 10 years will be automatically correlated. All of us will become data analysts.” –Joe English, Chief Creative Officer and Event Futurist

“Don’t test if something works. Prove that it works.” –Michael Harker, Senior Partner, Enigma Research

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